Bromo – Tengger – Semeru National Park

This National Park is one of the most beautiful places of interest in East Java. The beauties of mountain covered, give a special and characteristic green plants, arousing great interest. Tenggerese traditional farming also makes this famous place being more interesting and attractive. In addition, cool and breezy wind always blows freshly giving ever visitor special deep impression a unforgettable memories. The accessibility has no problem and very reachable (via Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo or Lumajang). Surely, different access give different characteristics scenery landscape. The elevation reaches about 2.392 meter sea level above and the temperature varies from 3 up to 20 degrees centigrade. The people who live in this area are supposed to be descended from Majapahit Kingdom about six hundred years ago.

The belonged to Tenggerese Hinduism with old traditional. That tradition still survives up to now.

Every year, they always carry out the traditional and religious ceremonies, and the most popular ones is Yadnya Kasada, an offering ceremony held at the edge of the crater on the top of mount Bromo.