About The Shalimar Hotel



Originally built by the architect Ir. Muller for the Freemasons,

the building was opened for the first time in 1933.  After the Freemasons, the building became a "SOCIETEIT" where the Dutch and the Dutch speaking community of Malang come to meet friends and entertain themselves with food, music and dancing.


In 1964 the building housed the Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Malang, but was soon outgrown. 

In 1993 Malang Inn was opened.  However, in 1995, a new law came about where establishments were no longer allowed to use foreign names and this is how The Graha Cakra was established.


Mid 2014 The Graha Cakra closed its doors to undergo a thorough renovation to become what it is now, The Shalimar a 5 star boutique hotel.


It now houses De Hemel restaurant, Zestien Terrace and Lounge,  De Tjakra Hall, Taman Aroem Spa and Soga Boutique